Still Prague

Eat dessert whenever possible.The problem is to wait before indulging so the photos are better. Pistachio cheesecake, which I’ve had twice; chocolate cake with raspberry froth; tiramisu in a sherbet dish; truffles that we split open to peek inside and share, lemon yuk; more brilliant chocolate cake.

Good King Wenseslas…

has a square named after him close to our apartment on Zitna Street. We headed there with our guide Gabriella from ToursByLocals after recovering Amy’s wallet – she had dropped it outside our go-to coffee shop next to our building. Gabriella saw a man bring a wallet into the coffee shop and somehow figured it belonged to one of the Americans she was meeting. The man wouldn’t hand over the wallet, but gave her his phone number.

So, imagine: Amy returns with our coffee. We down our double macchiatos and leave to meet G. Purse check; no Amy wallet. Restrained panic-how will this day go? Hoping wallet with all her money and passport might be waiting in the coffee shop despite remembering dropping her spoon on the street and likely that’s where the wallet landed. A busy pedestrian street. What are the odds?

G. waiting outside nods at us and says, “Are you missing a wallet?

We find the Good Samaritan around the corner in an office building where we interrupt him in the midst of a tax audit. Did he want to make a good impression on the auditor, having us show up to claim a wallet?

I however stayed outside in the hallway recovering from a near accident with a vertical escalator – sort of like a dumb waiter with human-sized cubicles. Not realizing that I could wait for the next compartment I leapt a foot and a half off the floor to gain access to the disappearing platform and was nearly decapitated. The Czech Republic is not as invasive in the small details of public safety as the U.S. So they lose a tourist once in a while, oh well. There are lots of us.

To be continued….